Homeowner Rehab Programs

The HOME Consortium operates a variety of Homeowner Rehabilitation Loan Programs to provide low to moderate income households with access to loaned funds for modest home repairs.

The loans are provided as no-interest deferred loans for households with incomes at or below 80% of the area median.


  • Eligible Properties: The homes must be owner-occupied, single family attached or detached units (such as condominiums).
  • Eligible Repairs: Priority activities include repairs to mechanical or structural items that present an imminent health and safety problem, such as:- roofs
    – mechanical systems (e.g., furnaces and hot water heaters)
    – plumbing, water or water/sewer laterals in disrepair
    – windows in disrepair
    – foundations
    – siding
    – any accessibility improvements
    – items that the Administrator determines pose or will soon pose a health or safety problem to the home owner

Once repairs have been completed, all homes must meet HOME Consortium Code Requirements or additional work will be required.